Job History

pinnacle Tilt Wall Building 19,500 sq. ft.
In Progress
Yellow Rose Distributors
Dave Cashen
Beverly Cashen
Tilt Wall Building - 9000'
Interior finish out
Complete : 07/2004
Grace United Methodist church
Pastor Key
Metal Building 10,000'
Masonry Finish and Parking Lot
Complete : 01/2004
penntex Industries
Glen Stroud
Tilt Wall Building 12,000'
Interior  Finish out
Complete : 11/03
3928 Lawnwood
Fort Worth, TX
Larry Andre
Remodel and new construction
Completed 08/2003
Benco Commercial Roofing
Mike Beeter
Metal Building erection 11,700'
Complete 07/2003
Mike Murdock Ministries
University Drive.
Denton, Texas
Remodel Building Interior and Exterior
Complete : 03/03
St. Thomas Catholic church
Architect: Design Group
Father Sal
Add 60,000 metal building to the 2nd story of an existing concrete building.
Complete : 04/02
Empire Roofing
Architect: Austin
Sandra McGlothlin Owner
75,000 10 unit complex
Complete 11/01
Cargill Animal Nutrition
Architect: John Taylor Design Group
Manager:  Roger Sanchez
Added Metal Building to grain delivery
Complete 07/01
Millco Products
Architect: John Taylor Design Group
Owner:  Charlie Miller
12,000 of warehouse with a loading dock. 
Complete 10/00
Joe Wade
Architect: John Taylor Design Group
Built 24,000 of tilt wall building in strip center
Complete 09/00
ABC Bus Inc
Construction Supervisor: Tom Savage
Architect:  John Taylor Design Group
Remodeled existing building,
added new building 83,000 paving
Complete : 12/99
Cleburne Sheet Metal
Architect:  Larry Urssey
Owner:  Fred Couch
Restored Hill County Court House with CSM -Metal Roof from 1890
Complete 10/97
Mike Murdock Ministries
Architect:  Plan Arc
Pastor Art
Add 50,000 to existing building and remodeled 85,000
Complete 10/95