Buc Avanzini Development L.L.C.
General Contractors

We would like to take a moment to tell you about our companyís background. We are a family business consisting of my brother Tony, his wife Dawn, and myself.  Together we have over 50 years in the construction business.  A large part of our present success we owe to our sub-contractors, they have become part of our family, most of them have worked with us since we started in 1992.  They always go the extra mile for us and our customers.  It is important to our success that if you have a problem and sooner or later we all do, that the same person that did the work is there to fix our problem.  Together with our staff we can handle most emergencies that arise.  Our sub-contractors know that we do not let our work out for bid, we use only our core group.  So when Buc Avanzini Development gets a job then they know that they get a job which ties them tighter to us and you as our customer.  Our sub-contractors are all very familiar with the other trades and if they see a problem on your job they will contact each other and us to help save any time that could be lost.

We also have the ability to perform bonded work up to $2,000,000 at this time.  We carry workmenís compensation and general liability.  We believe a good name is worth more money.

We are not were we are going but we are happy to be were we are at.   We pride ourselves in working with you the customer to achieve your desired goal.  We thank you for your time and wish you the best for your project.

    1992 to Present

 We are currently building commercial project in the Metroplex.  The types of buildings that we construct range from churches, to manufacturing plants.  Our projects are ranging from 5,000 sq. ft. to 135,000 sq. ft.  We are currently working on a 20,000 sq. ft. facility for pinnacle Acquisitions in Grapevine, Texas.  This is a tilt wall type of building.  Please review our present and past customer base on the following pages and we will be happy to arrange a tour of any of work.

 We have a wide range of Construction experience in our recent past.  Our involvement in the Hill County Courthouse restoration consisted of finding people skilled in a sheet metal trade that has not been in common practice for more than 100 years.  We worked the Cleburne Sheet Metal on this job.  Our next most recent remodel was for the Wisdom Center in Haltom City.  It consisted of adding 50,000 sq. ft. to an existing structure, for a total of 135,000 sq. ft. new and remodeled space.  Our involvement started with plans and permits, and finished with landscaping.  We were the general contractor on this job. 

This was our first job in the state of Texas.

1987 to 1992  

Tony and I worked together in northern California as Avanzini Brotherís Construction, were we both hold a state of California B-1 contractorís license.  We built custom homes at Black Hawk Country Club in Danville.  Home sizes ranged from 3,500 sq. ft to 11,000 sq. ft.  Our involvement was in foundation, farming, and managing subcontractors.

1976 to 1987  

I worked for Sexton Construction in San Diego, serving a 4 year apprenticeship.  Then I moved with this company to northern California.  I served as a Foreman 8 of the 10 years of my employment.

Customer List

Below we have listed a few of our customers in the DFW Metroplex.  Please feel free to contact them if you have questions.  We are proud of our customer base, and hope the we can add your company's name.

ABC Bus Inc.
Tom Savage
Construction Supervisor

Letter of Recommendation

Remodel existing building, and add new building, 83,000' paving, remodel offices.  
Cleburne Sheet Metal
Fred Couch
Worked with CSM to restore Hill County Courthouse.  Restoring metal roof from 1890.  
Empire Roofing
Ron McGlothlin

Letter of Recommendation

General on 13 properties, Total footage 110,000
International Faith Center
Sherri Marlett
Add 50.000' to existing building and remodel 85.000' 
The Diocese of Fort Worth
Gary Fragossa
Construction Coordinator

Letter of Recommendation 
Add 6000' metal building to the 2nd story of an existing concrete Building
Millco Products
Charlie Miller
12,000' of Warehouse with a loading dock.
Joe Wade Built 24,000' of tilt wall in strip Center
Cleburne Sheet Metal
Fred Couch
Hill County Court House Remodel